Q: Surviving Quarantine?

A: If you really want a copy of Surviving Quarantine this year, its best to buy it from pre-order on our website right now.  We have ordered limited printing for the year and by getting it now you reserve yours. We also have a few retailers on board this year and will be adding them to our website soon.


Q: I can I still get a copy?

A: Yes!!!! We are currently accepting late pledges to our Kickstarter version, and pre-orders of the base game.  They will all be delivered at the same time in early December.


Q: can you play with one game?

A: One Surviving Quarantine box can be played with 2-5 players.  Social distancing not recommended.  If you want to play with more all you need to do is grab another box.


Q: Is this game

A: Yes, Yes, and Yes……….while there are many jokes that adults might  get….like spoofs on the viruses……the cards are designed for everyone to enjoy and play. We wanted to make sure this was a full family game because everyone was affected.


does it take to learn and play?

A: The rules are pretty quick to pick up.  After 5 minutes reading them we are 99.94% positive you will know what to do.  It’s a game of strategy, luck and surprises, that being said it should only around 15-30 minutes of play time.(some people won’t survive that long)


are the cards?

A: The cards in Surviving Quarantine are a standard poker size.  3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. They will fit in everyone’s hands.  We kept the colors as vivid as possible.



A: Yes, we currently have the zombie edition booster pack available now, which you can add to any order.  We also have future plans for a conspiracy theory booster pack and an aliens booster queued up for future expansions.